The Great House at Sonning 

We thought let’s take the children away for the night and find somewhere cool to go. With our family of five, this could prove a tricky task.

The idea was to just escape to somewhere nice and just relax and breathe some fresh different air for a bit.

We wanted to be near a river (because it’s romantic of course) with possible barges or boats, countryside if possible and lots of walks… Upon reflection the criteria was probably a little steep for a last minute road trip!……. It took me an entire day of internet browsing to find the perfect bolt hole for us and our three children; The Great House at Sonning.

After looking at like a million hotels and watching them all get booked up so fast online, I didn’t think this place was real.

I almost couldn’t believe that such a place even existed that would be in our price range and close enough to travel from our home in Kent.

I found the perfect place. Walks, check. River, check. Countryside, check. Boats, check!…. (boats mainly for the husband, so we can imagine driving our own family barge and do some serious romanticising about barge holidays in the heat of summer).

This beautifully newly refurbished hotel was perfect for us and our big family to spread out and chill in. I’m sat here right now writing this in the comfy leather chairs in our family room. Feet are up and we are all relaxing before we check out.

The children want to go on some more walks before we leave to go home, they absolutely love it here relaxing by the River Thames and exploring the footpaths and wonderful walks that surround this place.

The restaurant in the hotel, The Coppa Club, served us absolutely beautiful food for dinner last night and a stonking breakfast selection this morning, we have just eaten like kings.

Topped with views over the River Thames and the smell of summer on its way, this place is somewhere we definitely will be coming back to.

We are about to set off and find some more adventures down the River and perhaps stop for a cup of tea in the little tea rooms by the Lock just down the footpath by the Great House.

Thank you Great House at Sonning we have had a wonderful time and you made our little stay perfect. We will definitely be coming again in the summer!

I highly recommend you come and check this place out with your family and soon… Next time, we look forward to bringing the family dog!

Unfortunately we did have a lot of rain over this particular weekend we arrived, but we woke up to blue sky and sunshine this morning, and we look forward to exploring again today in brighter weather.

If you find yourself around here and want to do a good manageable countryside walk with lots of stuff to spot then stop off at the Horse and Groom pub.  We stopped for a bite here before our check in time and we picked up a printed map of a nice walk around here starting at the pub. It was a great little route with lots of nature and plenty of trains to wave at!

We also made a little pit stop at the St George and Dragon, you can sit right on the river edge and watch boats and ducks drift by pictured below.

Here are some pictures of our stay I hope you enjoy viewing them…

Photographs taken on an iphone 5 and iphone 6 plus but next time we will bring out the big guns….



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